Exciting Slot Games On The Horizon

We look into our crystal ball and see what new slot releases are looming on the horizon. We also look at if they are worth some hype or if they will be relegated to the corner of the online casino’s dustiest servers.

You won’t have to worry about time on your hands as these releases will come well after Australian Open tennis betting has finished.

Volcano Riches

Coming from Quickspin, Volcano Riches will be released on the 13th of March. So far we know that the reels will be laid out in a 5×4 grid with 40 paylines.

The bonus features are said to also include exploding wild symbols. Quickspin have said the RTP will be around 96%. The screens that have been released make the game look very exciting.

Drums Beast

Also set for a March release, Drums Beast is from the small developer Casino Technology. This new title seems inspired by the Guitar Hero games.

The protagonists seem to be a rock chick but the catch is she has the devil as her drummer.

While this slot’s below average RTP of 95.75% may turn some fans off, this game looks like it is set to be something quite different from the usual slot fair.

It is always great to see more rock themed slots, so let’s hope Drums Beast also has a soundtrack that lives up to the hype.

Easter Island

Perfectly timed for the holiday season, Easter Island will be released near the end of March. This Yggdrasil slot looks incredibly unique.

The reels spin against a backdrop of the famous island but you are also joined by a wide range of Moai statues that come along on your quest for riches.

The reels are also arranged in an unconventional 5×5 grid featuring 27 paylines. Yggdrasil rarely fails to deliver quality slots and this game looks set to be no exception to this rule.

We know from release info that there will be a respin feature and expanding wilds in the bonus features.

The Grid And Spooky 5000

Fantasma Games are looking to expand their catalogue of slot games with two releases set for April. Spooky 5000 and The Grid will both feature standard 5×3 reel layouts with both having 10 paylines.

So far we only know the slots have a horror and a retro theme to them. Anticipation is high though as Fantasma has been releasing some quality titles recently, although rarely aimed at a western audience.

Asgardian Stones

Set for the end of February, Asgardian Stones is a brand new title from NetEnt. This simple yet engaging slot looks packed with small features that all work together.

It is also set to make use of a bonus wheel and giant symbols that can crush smaller symbols below.

Gem Rocks

Also from Yggdrasil, Gem Rocks features giant stone creatures that inhabit the reels. With a 96.3% RTP and 4096 ways to win, this slot looks set to keep Yggdrasil fans very happy.

This company has been delivering quality slot after quality slot so it will be interesting seeing where they go this year.

Speaking of which with excellent games like these to look forward to, it will definitely be a good year.

Busting 5 Popular Online Casino Myths

If you’ve ever told someone that you were interested in trying out an online casino, they probably had plenty to say and it most likely wasn’t positive.

Those unfamiliar with the online casino industry generally have the most to say, and you’ve probably heard things like “all your money is going to get stolen”, “online casinos are rigged”, or “you’re going to get a computer virus”.

However we are here to bust 5 popular online casino myths and set your mind at ease regarding the usage of online casinos.

1. Online Casinos Are Not Secure

We aren’t going to try and sugar coat it and say that bad things don’t happen online – hackers do exist after all – but the online casino industry is well aware of this fact. In fact, distinguished online casinos operate in much the same way as online government banks do, as they implement the same state of the art security and data encryption in order to keep player’s personal and financial information safe.

If you’re still concerned, it’s a good idea to look out for the eCOGRA logo which should be clearly visible on most reputable online casinos.

2. Online Casinos Are Lonely

If you’re under the impression that online casinos are devoid of all human input, you would be completely wrong.

Not only are these sites maintained and operated by a group of highly competent individuals, but players can easily interact with one another should they want to. Live dealer casino games also inject a bit more soul into the games and you are able to interact with both the dealer and other players thanks to live chat.

Of course there is no human interaction with online Slots NZ, but it’s no different with land based slots either!

3. Online Casinos Give Your Computer Viruses

Firstly, while most online casinos will have a wider range of games to enjoy if you do download the online casino software, you don’t have to download the software in order to play and many players opt for the instant play option instead.

Secondly, if you do opt to download the software from the online casino website, you can scan the file with ease using your own virus scanner prior to installing if you’re really concerned.

casino myths - virus detected

4. Online Casinos Are Rigged

This is probably the most popular online casino myth of all and is what keeps many from trying out online casinos. People tend to assume that online casinos are rigging their games to cheat players out of their hard-earned money, but this is simply not possible.

Online casinos are subject to the same regulations as brick and mortar casinos and the eCOGRA logo should be enough to set your mind at ease, as this 3rd party casino regulator ensures that the advertised payout percentages of all online casino games on the site are accurate.

5. Online Casinos Are More Expensive

This is the most ludicrous online casino myth of them all as online casinos are actually cheaper than brick and mortar casinos!

Firstly, there are no travel expenses in order to reach the casino destination, there are no high-priced restaurants if you get hungry, the dealer doesn’t require a tip, and the list goes on.

Secondly, the overheads associated with online casinos are also much lower, which means that the house edge on all games is generally more competitive than land based casinos.

Potential Changes in USA Online Gambling Laws

Federal-level online gambling legislation has been all but abandoned in North America, and has been for some time.

Many different states, however, have been focused on developing their own legislation around online gambling and Poker for some time. Now, these efforts seem about to come to fruition.

Arguments for and Against Online Gambling

Proponents of online gambling point to the huge economic benefits that it could have on the different states, while those who are against the idea say that dealing with underage and problem gambling would be much more difficult if more states were allowed to operate online casinos.

While concerns for minors and gambling addicts may be heartfelt and genuine in some cases, in others the motivation could easily be money-grubbing.

Even President Donald Trump, who has long connections with land-based casinos and whose campaign was backed by men with some of the deepest pockets in brick-and-mortar establishments, has tried to halt online gambling by pushing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, or RAWA. When the Wire Act of 1961 was reversed in 2011, it paved the way for states to pass individual legislation and makes the spread of online gambling in the United States possible, at least in theory.

Exciting New Legislature in Many States

From 2011 to October 2017, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware were the only 3 states to offer online gambling facilities. Early on in 2017, reports that several states were working on new legislation to allow online Poker or full suites of online casino games to be offered from within their borders began to surface.

From real money slots to thrilling live dealer games, individual governments were looking at what they could bring to enthusiastic players.

Pennsylvania passed a landmark bill at the end of October 2017, making online Poker, casino games and Daily Fantasy Sports legal and becoming the fourth state to legalise and regulate online gambling activities, and several other states could soon follow suite.

This list includes New Hampshire, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, California and Massachusetts.

In addition to all the other money online gambling can generate, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have just agreed on a Poker liquidity pool, which will put even more dollar signs into state administrators’ eyes.

The conservative voices that have been against online casinos in the USA from the beginning are also recognising that the issue might be near a tipping point, and have started taking action of their own.

Senators Ask DOJ to “Rethink”

Just weeks after Pennsylvania’s potentially game-changing bill, which could open the floodgates for online gambling across North America, was passed, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking for the 2011 opinion that overturned the Wire Act to be reversed.

The loss of income for smaller land-based casino operators, the potential of casino exposure to minors and the easy access that gambling addicts will have to their “drug of choice” are all valid concerns, and work should be done to find solutions for them.

What should not happen is that politicians and fat cats who want to keep lining their pockets use these real issues to hide their own, selfish agendas.

Tips to Win More with Online Casino Games

Online casino games are a great invention! They allow you to play games anywhere, at any time of day or night, for as long or short a time as you wish to, and you don’t have to factor in extra expenses or unruly crowds of people.

Playing the games on offer can be a profitable pastime, too. With all of that being said, there are a few important tips that will extend your playing time and up your win-rate, and these are outlined right here for your convenience.

1. Choose Your Online Casino Carefully

The first thing you need to be aware of is the legitimacy of your online casino: this is one that will provide you with a fair chance of winning, and pays out your winnings promptly when you wish to access them.

Choose an internet-based casino that has a long-established reputation for both of these, and make certain that a relevant governing authority has licensed it.

Check also to ensure that all play is audited, and that the casino regularly publishes its payout schedules.

2. Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

The vast majority of casinos sites wish to offer you complimentary gifts. These can be generous welcome packages, Canadian casino bonuses, promotions, and other offerings.

These are not a trick: they are competing for your business, and this is one of the ways they do this. Take advantage of these offers, and enjoy them!

3. Choose Your Banking Method

Before you start placing real money bets at the online casino you have chosen, research what online banking methods they provide, and make sure you make use of a good one.

You will be able to choose from options that include credit cards, online payments, debit cards, prepaid cards and money transfers.

Some of the most popular choices are Click2Pay, EcoCard, NeTeller, and Skrill –educate yourself about these and pick the best one for your needs.

win more - payment method and deposit time - online casinos

4. Pick a Game to Play

You should first decide what kind of casino game you want to play –there are many on offer, and each will provide their own rules, odds, and required different game strategies.

Try not to get overwhelmed by choosing one to focus on and learning how to play that one game properly.

Whether it is Online Roulette, Online Slots, or Online Video Poker, pick one and master it. You can branch out at a later stage, and this is the best way to get started playing and winning.

5. Learn the Ins and Outs of the Game You’ve Chosen

When you first begin, read everything you can about the game you have chosen to master. Review the odds tables, read books about it, and find info online.

You can even ask your friends and family for advice on how best to play.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more relaxed and the more confident you will feel during play, and this will certainly better the odds in your favour.

How To Play Free Casino Games Online in the USA

In terms of the online casino gaming world as a whole, the technology, options and happenings are evolving, expanding and impressing on a daily basis. Many players are seeking ways to play casino games online.

For players living in the USA, however, there are far more limitations to online gaming.

Grey area legalities have forced many sites to pull out of the United States with regards to providing their services, but that is not to say that it has hindered America’s chance at accessing some of the biggest and best games the online gambling world has ever seen.

Thus, with numerous options available for players of every level, it is simply a matter of discovering how and where to play free casino games online.

How to Play Free Casino Games Online

The best piece of advice for players that are new to online gaming is one that cannot necessarily be given but instead has to be discovered according to player preference.

Players can’t simply ask how to play free casino games online and expect a clear answer, with hundreds of different games each holding their own rules and gameplay requirements.

A bit of research needs to be done to uncover information on how to play the individual games, which can be found in casino gaming guides and individual game reviews.

play free casino games online  in the USA for free

Opening an Account

When looking to play free casino games online, it is still advisable for USA players to register or sign up with a specific casino despite the fact that free play is usually instant, as real money play is usually on the cards for the future.

Players can create something of a relationship with online casinos that offer great promotions to loyal customers, whether it is a time-based amount of free cash or a no deposit bonus.

Players have the option of playing a number of games, including poker, blackjack, slots, mobile craps, and many more online.

Where to Play Free Casino Games Online in the USA

Players living in the USA will battle with choosing the correct casino to play at a lot more than players from other regions around the world have to play free casino games online.

This is mainly due to the fact that players in the United States have been restricted from playing at a large number of offshore casinos on top of being restricted from any legal casino existing within the USA outside of the states of Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

Nonetheless, there are still a great deal of casinos that will cater to American players as well as states that have bills to legalise online gambling in the pipeline, ensuring they don’t have to play free casino games online for the rest of time.

Mobile Casino Gaming

In addition to players in the USA having the freedom to explore a casino without leaving the comfort of their own homes, players have the opportunity to do so from just about anywhere.

Moreover, the opportunity to play free casino games online and on mobile means ultimate convenience for any player with a decent internet connection and there are many casinos in the USA that have optimised their gameplay for both platforms.

Playing at Casinos Online in the USA – An Overview

Thanks to the constantly growing online casino industry, there are now thousands of players across the USA who can play casino online games from their own homes.

The online casinos of today offer wide selections of casino games, ranging from classic choices like slots and roulette to more unusual games like Pai Gow poker and pachinko.

As well as offering a much wider range of casino games than the typical land-based casino, USA online casinos also offer exclusive welcome bonuses, promotions and other features, making them the choice of many US citizens looking to play casino online games.

USA States that have Legalised Online Casinos

Online casino gaming is currently legal in several US states, including Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Up until recently, online casinos were outlawed entirely in the US, and many of the world’s foremost casino software developers closed their doors to USA players for a few years.

Since the online gambling laws were lifted in certain states, those who wish to play casino online games in the states in which online gaming is legal are free to do so, and there are many USA online casinos who accept these players and payments made in USD.

It is worth noting that players outside of these states will be prohibited for signing up to play casino online for real money. However, these players can still play free online casino games at many local and international sites.

Finding a USA Friendly Online Casino

Finding a US-friendly casino at which to play casino online games has become easier than ever for those in states where online casinos are legal.

There are a multitude of casino comparison sites on the web, which compare and review USA online casinos for players from the region.

These online guides and reviews will offer details on the best USA online casinos, as well as the sizes of their welcome bonuses, their US banking options, and whether or not these casinos accept payments in USD.

Players who are looking to play casino online games for real money may find these reviews helpful when trying to choose a safe and licensed casino site.

usa casinos online

Play USA Casino Online and via Mobile

Mobile casinos are growing quickly, with a number of US and Canadian mobile casinos seeing a surge in popularity over the last few years. Players who play casino online games at certified US casinos will have a number of options available to them as well.

Many online casinos for US players offer online slots, table games, instant win games, and even lottery games like bingo and keno, all from reputable developers who operate legally within the USA.

Casinos that have been created specifically for players from the US will also make sure that they offer games from developers who accept players in the US, minimising compatibility and legal issues.

Many of the best US casinos offer both online and mobile casinos as well, allowing players to play at home or while they’re on the move from their smartphones and tablets.

Both certified US online casinos and mobile casinos will offer substantial welcome bonuses, along with loyalty programmes and seasonal promotions for their real money players who play casino online games.