The Roaring Twenties Online Slot

The Roaring Twenties Online Slot in Detail

The 1920s in America was certainly an interesting time. It was just after the First World War and the economy the world over was reeling. Prohibition was introduced at around this time and with the ban on substances like alcohol an extensive illegal trade system grew into existence. With hindsight however this era holds some sentimentality toward a culture of a simpler time. As the theme of a slot game, like The Roaring Twenties slot here, this actually looks pretty good. The atmosphere is fairly easy to setup as the idea of this era is pretty fixed upon most people with a respect for the past, and as such the elements needed to create such an atmosphere are fairly evident.

Besides the theme this is a 5 reel 9 pay line slot game. The lines are adjustable and there is a range of stake options. The symbols on the reels also tell a thematic story, with each of the main symbols relating to the time. As far as bonus features are concerned in this The Roaring Twenties slot game there is a Wild symbol, which is always useful, and a themed bonus pick’em game with increasing multipliers to be won.

Theming about The Roaring Twenties Slot Game

There are lots of different aspects about the 1920’s in America that could be exploited for a game’s theme, especially because a large number of them are so idyllically preserved in western culture. The backdrop to the reels, mostly prominent along either side, has tall paned stained glass windows reminiscent of an older time. The colour scheme is largely those retro colours so prominent in visages of this time, with the stand outs being shades of brown and grey, with enough of the other colours to make it not appear all too dull, at least compared to the more vibrant, modern day based slots. The sound effects here in The Roaring Twenties slot also play a considerable role in portraying that atmosphere.

The symbols on the reels are definitely the most stand out aspect of the slot’s theme. Here players will find symbols like Mob bosses, olden styled policemen, newspapers, old, classic cars and more. There are also a handful of playing card symbols on the reels, notably jack through Ace, and all with olden styled borders framing them and bringing them in on the theme.

The Roaring Twenties Online Slot Theme

The Roaring Twenties’ Bonus Features

The theme of The Roaring Twenties slot is pretty unique and does make for a notable experience. But any slot game trying to keep up in today’s world like Mac pokies will pretty much have to include a bonus feature or two in order to keep up with some of the slots available. This slot has just two, so in terms of quantity there could be more, but the classic style of this theme dictates something simpler. The first of these bonuses is the Wild symbol, a good one to have in any combination forming game.

The main bonus feature is pick’em mini game and is triggered by the barrel symbols, which notably can be impersonated by the Wild. Here players pick barrels of alcohol to destroy, just like in the prohibition, and revealing multipliers that stack. This ends when the booby-trapped barrel is picked and the players are rewarded based on their accumulated multiplier.