How To Win More When Playing Roulette

Who doesn’t love Roulette? It is an intense, fast paced experience, promising massive payouts if Lady Luck comes knocking. But Roulette doesn’t always have to be a white knuckle ride.

Sure, it’s fun to put all you cash on a lucky number, and cross your fingers. Though, wouldn’t you like to increase the chances of walking away with more cash in your pockets than when you started?

As it turns out, the statistical probability of Roulette can be wrangled in your favour. Applying smart, well thought out betting strategies drastically increases the chances of winning. It might not be as intense an experience, but more money in your pocket is a reward all of its own. Right?

Understanding The Game

As with all casino games, be it Roulette, online games, or Poker, the more you understand, the better your chances of being a winner. Roulette is a game that, at its core, about spreading your money in smart ways. Or to put it another way; it is about strategically covering as much of the board as possible, while still making a bit of profit. Until, of course, the big win is finally achieved.

This might sound obvious, and you may even say it’s what you’ve been doing all along, but there is a difference between covering the board haphazardly, hoping for the best, and being careful about where you put down your chips. For example; putting a small bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd 12, another small bet on red or black, and then choosing a moderate bet for a lucky number, is a great way to cover a good portion of the board. But by balancing the betting amounts carefully, you can keep yourself in the green until that lucky number lands.

To put it simply; Roulette is best played as a long term strategy, not a short term cash grab.

Don’t Chase Losses

If Lady Luck isn’t showing her face, and you start slipping into the red, be very careful to not chase losses. Don’t up your bets because you want to gain back a bad round. Get a strategy, and stick to that strategy. The tides will turn again, and it is possible to make back the losses, and keep riding the winning streak into the profit.

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is to lose their cool and start throwing all their cash on the board. Don’t. Strategies are specific about how much you should bet, and you would be wise to stick to the amounts in order to see success.

Try The Martingale

The Martingale betting strategy is a great place to start. It is extremely simple, and takes a long time to make decent profits, but is an excellent way to start understanding how strategies work in your favour.

A good idea is to start with the Martingale strategy, and stick to it until you feel comfortable trying out more complicated strategies. You are sure to make profits with the Martingale system, and remembering that leaving with more cash when you arrived is never a bad thing.