Online Poker vs Table Poker

The world is filled with many options, and this also includes your gambling options. With all the options which form of poker is the right poker for you? Here we will look at online vs table poker – which do you chose, which is the better option? Both versions of poker are played with similar rule  (casino dependent) but differ quite a bit in strategy, winnings and social aspects.

Lets have quick look at the pros and cons of online poker and compare these to what to expect when playing poker at a table:

Online poker

The best part of online poker is the speed, the rounds progress much quicker as it is automated. Shuffling, splitting, dealing is instant as no human error or slowness is involved. A live game would see 30 hands in an hour, with 60 plus played in online games. If you can get more hands played – and win those hands using strategy, you increase your earnings a great deal.

Many people say the biggest con of playing online poker is being unable to see our opponents tells, but this is not the case anymore. Players at live tables go to extreme lengths to hide any possible tells – prom masks and hats to good old sunglasses, they hide every possible twitch and blink. This players with online opponents who focus on the other players can quickly pick up their tells. From betting big on good hands to folding on bad – people often relax their guards when they are not visible to their opponents. Take advantage of this slack and monitor their tells!

Live Poker

With your squinty eyed, dead pan faced opponent opposite you at an actual live game – maybe you are in poker heaven (or maybe poker hell – reading a face is not my strong point). The socializing  aspect of poker is one of the main pros of live games, and the ability to bluff and read tells is an art form!  People in a live match are also weaker and it might be easier to spot a tell, its hard to lie in real life.

Another huge plus in live poker is the higher buy ins – which means high pots to be won!

A live game can not only be thrilling to join but an exceptional live event just to watch – so hitting up an actual casino or tournament just to watch is well worth the effort.

So many Options

A live poker game can be quite thrilling, with the pressure and the excitement, the atmosphere lending to the gravity of the situation, but online poker could make more sense to you – dependent on what kind of a player you are. We are always fans of online, as its not just poker available, you can get anything from sports betting to online pokies – anything is available.

A flush is a flush, whether you are at a virtual table or a real solid poker table – so the rules of the game are set. Which means you can transfer between the two versions of poker easily and enjoy both dependent on your mood.

Additionally many professional poker players used to pick sides, you were either a online player or real world – with the rate of modern tech development people are now easily able to chose both versions and join in as they wish.