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Have Online Casinos Caused The End Of Land Based Casinos?

Are Land Based Casinos Being Upstaged by Online Casinos?

The online casino industry took the world by storm and has continued to impress as technology has advanced but what exactly has this meant for land based casinos. Some might think that the online boom signals the end for them but since they offer a different experience this might not be the case.

Yes it is far more convenient to play online as the vast majority of players may not be located near a land based casino and there are many other attractions to this platform but land based casinos offer a lot of their own advantages.

The Advantages of Land Based Casinos

Players who are serious about the games and about winning money have the ability to enjoy both online and land based casinos for what they are worth with their major differences being playing in a social atmosphere or playing alone in one’s own environment.

The advantages of land based casinos do however go far beyond playing casino games. Canada has many land based casinos across the country all of which offer entertainment above and beyond casino games.

New casinos have opened in the recent years which means there really isn’t a decline in land based casinos. What they do offer is a day or night out for the whole family and alternative activities for those wishing to enjoy the social aspect.



Bars and restaurants of all types cater for buffet, fine dining and more. Under 18’s may not have access to the casino floors but they will find arcades and more to keep them occupied at some casinos.

The hotels offer superior accommodation with breathe taking Canadian views and quality service. Canada really has some of the world’s finest casinos that are fun venues offering unrivalled services and wide varieties of casino games.

There are pools and spas for relaxation and beauty treatments which are major attractions to land based casinos.

Some of Canada’s Successful Casinos

Casino Niagara is a fairly new casino that opened in 1996. It is situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario close to the great attraction. It is known to be the first casino in Ontario to offer electronic roulette and has over 1 000 slots, more than 30 table games and fantastic sports betting facilities.

Casino New Brunswick has a four star hotel, buffet, day spa and a swimming pool. It offers a variety of casino games too.

The Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver is famous for its casino floor and the live performance theatre that’s seats more than 1 000. Live music and comedy shows are regular events that are held here.

Caesars Windsor is one the four casinos located in the Windsor – Detroit area. It is owned by the government of Ontario and operated by Caesars Entertainment.

The River Cree Casino and Resort in Enoch Alberta is one famous for its live music events. It has luxurious suites and facilities with a casino floor open from 10am to 3am.

Montreal Casino is situated on the Notre Dame Island in Ville Marie, Montreal, Quebec. This is Canada’s largest land based casino as is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you prefer to enjoy your mobile real money slots online, or do you enjoy being physically present in a casino when you play?

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