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The Growing Popularity of AFL Online Betting in Australia

AFL Betting Growth

AFL, or Australian Football League, is highly popular in Australia and in certain parts the world. Known for offering fast paced, high octane action, the AFL is often said to be the most physically demanding and exciting form of rugby. AFL, of course, works via Australian rugby rules, as apposed to standard rugby which is played via a different set of rules. AFL is similar to standard rugby, but allows for a wider range of methods by which players may interact with the ball, as well as a few other differences.

As far as betting goes, AFL is the most bet on rugby sport in Australia by a large margin, with more bets placed than the National Rugby League, also known as the NRL. When comparing AFL betting to the other most popular sports in Australia, the AFL comes out on top, beating tennis, cricket, and soccer. AFL is also the most highly attended sport in the country, with ticket sales consistently the highest in the country. Lets take a look at some of the factors that make AFL the most bet on sport in Australia.

Entertainment Factor

AFL is known for its levels of passion, purity, and for having extremely dedicated players. This all results in highly entertaining and exiting rugby matches, which are perfect for those who like to place bets. Many say that AFL is the best option for placing bets, since it is assured that the match is going to be hard fought until the very last minute.

AFL matches can also be highly unpredictable, with many unforeseen upsets and unexpected developments. It is often said that the underdog team in an AFL match will do their best to make a good showing, which is perfect for bet making that gives high payouts. Bets on underdog teams, of course, have the highest payouts, which make AFL underdog teams magnets for bets from smart bet makers. What is more appealing than seeing an underdog team come out on top, while also earning a good chunk of change in the process?

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Local Support

Australians are highly supportive of local sports, and nothing is more local to Australians than the AFL. Many see supporting AFL as supporting Australian sports, and so tend to gravitate towards this form of rugby in particular. Many AFL fans also watch other forms of rugby, but consider the AFL to be the ultimate in local rugby entertainment. Placing a bet for an AFL game on an online betting site is often simply seen as a further sign of support.

International Popularity

The AFL is also gaining major traction outside Australia and across the globe. Rugby fans in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe are recognising Australian rules football as an exciting alternative to standard rugby. The United Kingdom especially has a growing fan base, with a few teams to be found in the Untied Kingdom itself, although these teams only occasionally compete against Australian based teams. Betting on AFL games that occur in Australia is, of course, possible via online bookmakers, allowing international fans to be part of the action.

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