Describing about Slots for Casino Gamblers

Describing about Slots for Casino Gamblers Online

Across the globe, players flock to land based and online casinos to enjoy slots games. These fun, brightly coloured reel spinning games are a worldwide favourite and they are the most played casino games in almost every country.

Slots may be known by some as one armed bandits, pokies, poker machines, fruit machines or even fruities, but they are the same, very enjoyable games, regardless of what moniker the have been given.

Brief Slots History

In the late 1800’s a car mechanic by the name of Charles Fey designed the very first slots machine. Fey was based in San Francisco and as soon as his game was released, it became a popular feature at pubs across the state. The first slot game created by Fey was called the Liberty Bell and it featured 5 spinning reels, and the iconic Liberty Bell as its top-paying symbol. It wasn’t long before others picked up Fey’s prototype, and slots started appearing everywhere.

Sittman and Pitt, a Brooklyn based company, had already developed a 50 poker card game that was similar to Fey’s slot, so the company began producing their games in large volumes. Slots popularity grew quickly and these games instantly captured the attention of those in saloons or bars.

Slots in Vegas

By the time the first legal land based casinos opened in Las Vegas slots were already perennially popular and had accumulated a massive fan base. Casinos in Las Vegas capitalised on the popularity of these games, and added hundreds of machines to their gaming floors.

Today, the majority of games you’ll find at any land-based casino are slots, and there are different styles and themes to suit every player’s tastes. Some of the biggest names inland based slots have also taken their games online, making them all the more easy to access.

Playing Online Slot Machine

Online Slots

In the mid 1990’s the first online casinos opened its virtual doors to the public and slots games went virtual. Over time an increasing number of titles were released and casino software developers have spent plenty of time creating new and innovative games that offer players something fresh and exciting.

You can play classic reel slots that hark back to the traditional game’s setup, or you can play sophisticated, state of the art video slots that boast bonus features, storylines and a host of special effects, or no deposit pokies or if you really want to win big, there are progressive jackpot games that often payout over a million dollars at a time.

When it comes to online casino, there’s a genre theme and style to suit all players’ preferences and you can find everything from Egyptian themed games to those that feature super heroes, cult comic book icons, characters from blockbuster movies and everything in between.

The Future of Slots

Mobile slots have been making waves in the online gaming industry in recent years, and these games look set to be the way of the future. For now at least anyway, until something bigger and better comes along.

Being able to access slots on your mobile makes it easier than ever to enjoy all they have to offer, and players with smartphones and tablets have spurred a new generation of those who get in on the action, on the go.