China’s Biggest Casinos

The 5 Biggest Casinos In China

The special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong have been the only areas in China where you will find real money casinos. Gambling is very strictly regulated in China but it hasn’t stopped developers from creating some of the most impressive casinos in the world there. Let’s look at the 5 biggest and best casinos in China

1.The Sands

Even though the Sand was the very first Las Vegas styled casino in China, it has not lost any of its drawing power.

It definitely has a very different vibe when compared to other casinos as it is much more laid back with many live bands performing and fee drinks promotions.

One of the only draw backs to The Sand is the amount of visitors to the venue since it is located right next to the Hong Kong and Macau ferry pier.

  1. MGM Grand Macau

With 1545 slots and tables, an abundance of real money blackjack games, 267 000 feet of casino gaming action and 8 bars and restaurants, the MGM Grand in Macau is certainly an impressive sight to behold. It makes sense, as this is the MGM’s flagship venue in Asia.

Notable at the venue is the massive 26 foot cylindrical aquarium in the lobby that hosts an exotic collection of over 100 fish. The spaciousness continues out onto two floors of gaming for a very unique and open casino environment.

  1. Casino Ponte 16

While Casino Ponte 16 has less than half the slots and games of the MGM grand, it actually covers more floor space thanks to its additional amenities and attractions.

At one point the Ponte hosted a unique collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia that has since moved to other locations across the world, making the Ponte loss some of its magic.

  1. City Of Dreams

The City of Dreams does not take its name lightly. With a floor space covering 448 000 square feet and almost 2000 slots and table games, this legendary venue more than deserves its reputation.

It not only features 32 bars and restaurants, it also plays host to the biggest nightclub in Macau, Vquarium.

  1. The Venetian

Located right next to the City of Dreams is the Venetian. An unimaginably large 546 000 square feet of gaming space with over 4000 slots and tables. The Venetian is not just China’s biggest casino, but also the world’s biggest casino, making China a bastion for exciting gaming action.

What has made the Venetian incredibly succeeds full amongst a broad audience is the fact that they cater to families not just gamblers. They have an incredible array of family friendly amenities. Not only will families be entertained but there are over 3000 rooms on the site where you will find premium rooms and suites.

Macau and Hong Kong are perfect examples of how a country can have both strict gaming laws while still offering some of the best casino action in the world. Their amazing architecture and original casino groups really makes China an amazing destination where you can find a range of experiences.