Gambling Laws and Regulations in Canada

Real money casino games are incredibly popular in Canada and like many other parts of the world the gambling laws of the country can be relatively complicated.

There are several forms of government approved land-based gambling as well as a few forms of online gambling, but the laws relating to companies based overseas aren’t all that clear.

Here we provide a basic overview of Canadian gambling laws, information on the laws relating to online gambling, and how these laws and regulations may affect how you play your favourite games.

We also offer some information on the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a regulatory body based within the Canadian borders.

An Overview of Canadian Gambling Laws

The gambling laws in Canada were historically very strict and only a few, very limited forms of gambling were allowed. However drastic changes were made to gambling legislation in the 1970s which relaxed things significantly.

Individual provinces within Canada were given the authority to license and regulated gambling in their own regions which ultimately resulted in a number of land-based casinos being opened across the country.

Several provincial governments also started operating their own lotteries which are still in operation today.

There are currently several government approved sports betting outlets, which are for the most part run by an organization called Sports Select, and while this offers a perfectly legal way to bet, they offer fairly limited ways to bet.

Online Gambling Laws

While the land-based gambling laws and regulations are fairly straight-forward, things get a little bit more complicated when it comes to online gambling and online casino Keno in Canada.

Some provinces operate their own online casinos and many government approved betting outlets allow you to place wagers online, and it’s completely legal for Canadians to use these.

However, it is illegal to offer online gambling services of any kind to Canadian citizens unless approved and licensed by the government – the laws on this are very clear.

Things become a bit fuzzier when it comes to online casinos which are based and operated overseas and welcome Canadians to their sites. One can argue that if the online casino is based in a country were online gambling is legal, then Canadian laws don’t apply.

How Gambling Laws in Canada Affect You

As a Canadian player you most likely aren’t too concerned if the online casino you want to use is approved by the government or not, but you are likely to worry about whether using an overseas gambling site is considered legal.

Unfortunately, due to the current legislation it’s difficult to say with certainty whether it is or not.

Technically there is no Canadian law that specifically makes online gambling legal, but there also isn’t one that specifically makes it illegal.

The biggest drawback is that by using sites that are outside of the government and state approved operations, there is no regulation in Canada for online gambling sites.

However, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as the top rated sites are all licensed and regulated by reputable online gambling jurisdictions.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based on the Indian reserve of Kahnawake located within the Canadian borders.

They license gambling sites which operate within Kahnawake and meet certain criteria, and while there have been questions raised regarding the legalities of this organisation operating from within Canada, Kahnawake is a sovereign nation and are not governed by Canadian laws.

Tips to Win More with Online Casino Games

Online casino games are a great invention! They allow you to play games anywhere, at any time of day or night, for as long or short a time as you wish to, and you don’t have to factor in extra expenses or unruly crowds of people.

Playing the games on offer can be a profitable pastime, too. With all of that being said, there are a few important tips that will extend your playing time and up your win-rate, and these are outlined right here for your convenience.

1. Choose Your Online Casino Carefully

The first thing you need to be aware of is the legitimacy of your online casino: this is one that will provide you with a fair chance of winning, and pays out your winnings promptly when you wish to access them.

Choose an internet-based casino that has a long-established reputation for both of these, and make certain that a relevant governing authority has licensed it.

Check also to ensure that all play is audited, and that the casino regularly publishes its payout schedules.

2. Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

The vast majority of casinos sites wish to offer you complimentary gifts. These can be generous welcome packages, Canadian casino bonuses, promotions, and other offerings.

These are not a trick: they are competing for your business, and this is one of the ways they do this. Take advantage of these offers, and enjoy them!

3. Choose Your Banking Method

Before you start placing real money bets at the online casino you have chosen, research what online banking methods they provide, and make sure you make use of a good one.

You will be able to choose from options that include credit cards, online payments, debit cards, prepaid cards and money transfers.

Some of the most popular choices are Click2Pay, EcoCard, NeTeller, and Skrill –educate yourself about these and pick the best one for your needs.

win more - payment method and deposit time - online casinos

4. Pick a Game to Play

You should first decide what kind of casino game you want to play –there are many on offer, and each will provide their own rules, odds, and required different game strategies.

Try not to get overwhelmed by choosing one to focus on and learning how to play that one game properly.

Whether it is Online Roulette, Online Slots, or Online Video Poker, pick one and master it. You can branch out at a later stage, and this is the best way to get started playing and winning.

5. Learn the Ins and Outs of the Game You’ve Chosen

When you first begin, read everything you can about the game you have chosen to master. Review the odds tables, read books about it, and find info online.

You can even ask your friends and family for advice on how best to play.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more relaxed and the more confident you will feel during play, and this will certainly better the odds in your favour.

History Of Canadian Casinos

Gambling in Canada- A Short History

The casino industry is one of the biggest in the world, with billions of people around the globe enjoying some of the best games the casino world has to offer.

Whether it’s slots, poker, blackjack, or bingo, over the last twenty years, the world of gambling has grown exponentially to become the behemoth that it is today.

There are many countries around the world that frown upon casinos, but fortunately there are many more that allow it fully, such as Canada.

Canada has some of the best gambling laws in the world, and most citizens are free to enjoy casino games at their own luxury.

The question is, how did it culminate in having some of the best gambling laws in the world? Like with all Canadian history, expansion of the casino industry in the country is both interesting and informative.

Gambling Canada - online casino Canada

Where It All Began

Canada was colonised by Europeans in the 1860s, but before the colonists arrived, there are many records of the natives enjoying their own forms of gambling.

Reports from as far back as the late 1400s tell of native people of Canada playing and betting on games of chance that were in place to test their mental and physical limits.

After the country had been officially colonised, gambling carried with it many of the laws from previous countries, such as those in Britain.

This meant that the government in Canada eventually banned gambling in its entirety in 1892, but this only lasted 8 years.

In 1900, the government dropped the ban, and the people were free to enjoy gambling as they saw fit. Some years later, during the 1960s, the government saw the value of national lotteries, and over time, allowed more land-based casinos to be built.

Modern Canadian Casinos

Casinos in Canada proved to be a monumental success, and before long there were casinos of every shape and size in just about every settlement around the country.

Canadians enjoyed all the classic games that casinos had to offer, including poker, blackjack, roulette, and the ever-beloved slots.

Instead of having to drive all the way to Las Vegas to enjoy all the entertainment and thrills that casinos had to offer, Canadians were now able to instead visit local cities and make use of their casinos, and each one had all the luxury and activities to match even those casinos based in Las Vegas.

river belle casino - online casino canada - casinos online

Online Casinos

It wouldn’t be until the late 1990s that the first online casinos were introduced to the world, and never before had the industry had such a massive explosion in popularity.

Software developers began releasing their own games, selling them to online casinos. Well-known casinos such as River Belle Casino by Microgaming became the standard of online casino gameplay, and Canadians were quick to adopt all the conveniences that online casinos had to offer.

Some years later, and mobile casinos and games were introduced into the market, becoming an instant hit across the country.

Today, it’s easy to find some of the latest and best games available simply by loading up your smart phone.

Gambling and its benefits for Canadian Provinces

Gambling and its Benefits for Canadian Provinces

The Canadian Federal Government is not the one that oversees gambling laws and regulations in every province of the country. Instead, each provincial government has its own laws and regulations pertaining to casinos and gambling.

In many cases the province uses the funds raised from gambling at the casinos for purposes of building the province’s infrastructure. The industry is seen as profit building and does give back to local communities.

While there is not much focus on the negative effects where certain persons may incur an addiction, gambling is seen openly and thus made to operate responsibly which is good for those participating in the industry.

Online Betting and Gambling Revenue

Canada has plenty of world class land based casino resorts that attract many visitors every year. Gambling at land based casinos is not limited but the online industry with regards to sports betting and the use of offshore online casinos does hamper huge revenue for the provincial governments.

Sports betting is quite popular in Canada as it is a sports driven country that has some unique sporting events and some of the world’s most popular sporting events.

Canadian sports betting online athlete celebrates victory

Bettors are not prohibited from betting online but they are somewhat limited to the types of bets they are allowed to place at locally licensed sports betting sites. This means that provincial governments lose out on revenue because bettors are opting for a wider betting variety at offshore sites.

While Canada has it right in that they do use revenue from gambling for bettering the country and the provincial governments do typically own and perhaps operate casinos, the country could be raking in more. The casino industry is a multi-billion CA$ industry that brings in huge profit, which stems from land based casinos, online casinos, as well as Canadian mobile casinos.

mobile casinos in Canada online on a variety of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones

The great loss for Canada with bettors opting for offshore sites is also due to the fact that there is no tax imposed or revenue sharing which means that all money made simply leaves the country.

The Benefits of Casinos and Gambling

Certain locations such as Windsor suffered high unemployment rates and while casinos cannot remedy the problem as a whole, thousands of jobs were created with the opening of major casino resorts such as Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino Resort.

These establishments not only bring visitors from all over Canada but tourists frequent them too. This essentially creates more jobs and revenue for the local communities as tourists bring in demands for all types of industries.

Canadian online casino and mobile casinos slot machines and Canadian flag

The revenue created from land based casinos is considered immediate revenue which can be used to improve on building, repairing roads, uplifting communities and more. The possibilities are endless.

Online casinos that are licensed locally also make huge profits which are used to give back to the communities. Where there is no revenue with regards to any kind of gambling is a loss which could be remedied if provincial governments changed any restrictions that are present.

Responsible gambling should not come with negative feelings and should be seen as beneficial because of job creation, money raised for communities, attracting visitors and so on.

Explaining the Playthrough Requirements for Online Canadian Casino Bonuses

Playthrough requirements, also known as wagering requirements, come part and parcel with online casino bonuses, and players in Canada should pay special attention to how these will affect play at their favourite online casino.

Unlike traditional land based casinos that have many overhead expenses, online casinos do not have as many and this is what enables them to offer players in Canada and beyond a variety of lucrative bonuses.

However, these bonuses will almost always come with terms and conditions attached, otherwise known as playthrough requirements, and you should always take note of these when deciding on whether to take up a bonus or not.

Money, Chips and Cards for Online Canadian Casino Bonuses

While online Canadian casino bonuses allow players to play their favourite games with more than just their bankrolls, these bonuses will have specific requirements that need to be met.

Playthrough Requirements and Restrictions on Games

Playthrough requirements are implemented by online casinos in order to protect their bonuses, and each type of bonus will have a different set of terms and conditions attached.

Sign up or welcome bonuses will always be the most handsome, and as such these bonuses generally have the most playthrough requirements attached. These requirements may be difficult to understand at first, but with our help players in Canada will have them down pat in no time.

The top Canadian casino bonuses online

When looking at the playthrough requirements attached to a specific bonus, these requirements will be displayed with an ‘x’. This ‘x’ denotes the amount of times you will have to stake your deposit, bonus amount or the deposit AND bonus amount before the bonus will become available to withdraw.

Game restrictions may also be implemented as part of the playthrough requirements, meaning only stakes on certain games will contribute to the total amount required.

Examples of Playthrough Requirements

The above explanation of playthrough requirements might still have left some players in Canada scratching their heads in confusion, but below you will find a practical example which will make playthrough requirements a lot simpler.

For example, if you sign up to a top-ranked casino and opt to take up the welcome bonus of $100, the playthrough requirement may be 20x deposit. This effectively means that you will have to play the bonus amount 20 times (100 x 20 = 2000) before you will be allowed to withdraw the said bonus.

Some casinos will also attach game restrictions on this playthrough requirement, for example only money staked on slots will count towards the total, but not on Blackjack or Roulette.

How Playthrough Bonuses Can Affect Play

If you’re just starting out at a new online casino, a sign up bonus is going to be a welcomed gesture as this extra cash will really boost your bankroll and may open up your online casino experience in a whole new way.

If you take the above example of 20x deposit as the playthrough requirement of a sign up bonus, and you know you will be wagering this amount easily over time, then it makes complete sense to accept the offered bonus.

However, it’s also important to remember that the sign up bonus isn’t the only type of bonus that will be offered to you over the course of time while you enjoy your favourite online casino games, so don’t fret if you decide to not accept the welcome bonus.

Top-ranked casinos offer regular players exclusive bonuses and rewards, so it makes the most sense to return to your favourite online casino on a regular basis.

Is Mobile Gaming Safe?

When online casinos first became popular amongst players in Canada there were many concerns regarding the safety and security of personal information, and whether it was safe to share information of this kind online.

Online casinos have as such gone to great lengths to assure players of the many ways in which they keep their personal information safe, and sharing of sensitive information has now become commonplace.

mobile casino slots

Since then a new concern has arisen amongst players in Canada regarding the sharing of their personal information, but this time these concerns are in connection with mobile casino safety.

Make Good Choices from the Start

The best online casinos open to players in Canada all use top-notch security software to protect their players personal information and are backed by reliable organizations which ensure fair play, such as eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance).

The first step to ensure mobile casino safety is to only make use of the mobile casino version of a reputable online casino, as the safety and security measures put in place on their online casinos extend to the mobile versions as well.

When perusing your favourite online casino for Canada, if they are reliable you should easily be able to find their online casino license information, and the site should have the seal of approval from more than one security firm.

Once you are satisfied that they are ensuring the safety of their players, you can download the mobile casino software with peace of mind.

Security in Detail

There may be some players who need a bit more assurance regarding the safety of mobile casino gaming, so here we will go more in-depth with regards to the ways in which online casinos keep their players in Canada safe online.

Most online casinos will have all the important information pertaining to their site security right at the bottom of their homepage, and this information should not be hard to find.


mobile online casino bonuses

If you are having any difficulties locating licensing and security information, you should take this as a sign that it’s best to hightail it out of there and find a different online casino.

The most reputable online casinos are the ones who provide up to date licensing agreements with the correct registration details available to read at all times, make use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption systems and RNG (Random Number Generator) software on all of their games.

Mobile Anti-Virus Software

If you’re using the mobile casino version of a reputable and trustworthy online casino and have ensured that all their security features are top-notch, but you’re still worried about safety you can make use of mobile anti-virus software.

This is a separate program that you will have to download and install on your mobile device, but is very similar to the anti-virus software that the majority of players in Canada will have installed on their PC’s or laptops.

Mobile anti-virus software can be used to scan any files, apps or programs that you may download onto your mobile device, and will detect if there are any viruses, spyware or malware embedded in the files which could be used to track your personal information.

Mobile anti-virus software is an inexpensive way to ensure that you are constantly secured and is recommended, but not a necessity to ensure mobile casino Canada safety. If you follow all the guidelines set out above, you can play on the go with peace of mind knowing your information is safe and secure.

What are Canada’s Favourite Casino Games?

In Canada, casino gambling is a favourite pastime of many people. Whether online or at land based casinos, gambling provides players with a rich source of entertainment as well as an opportunity to win big.

But have you ever thought about which casino games are the most popular. At any online and land base casino, there are certain gaming floor sections that are busier than others. We take a look at the most popular type of casino games in Canada.

Online Slots

If you were going to hazard a guess, you would probably put slots at the top of the list; and you would be correct. Slot games, or video slots in particular are certainly the most popular type of casino game played in Canada or anywhere in the world for that matter. Offline and online slots Canada have become quite popular in recent years.

It’s easy to see why slots have become the number 1 choice for many players. For starters, they are really easy to play and offer up huge payouts.

online lots canada 777 jackpot

To add to this, video slots each have their own theme with hundreds of games in every shape and form. Add to this the bonus in-game features, 3D graphics and progressive jackpots, and you will always have a winner.

Video Poker

One casino game that is certainly gaining momentum is video poker. Played in land based casinos and online, video poker has all the fast-paced action of an electronic game with the skills based gaming that gamblers love. Unlike regular table poker games, video poker can be played individually against the computer.

video poker online canada

This means no waiting for an open table or having to bluff your way through the game. There are many different types of video poker games found online including 5 card draw, Omaha stud, casino Hold’em and three card poker.

Online video poker can also be played for free. This gives players the opportunity to hone their skills before swapping over to playing for real money.


Lottery-style casino games have always been popular. In Canada, keno is certainly one of the most popular at any online casino.

For those who are new to the game, Keno is a type of lottery game where the object is simply to pick a set of winning numbers from a total of 80.

Once you have picked your numbers, the keno machine will randomly draw out 20 numbers and you will be paid out for every matching number. Not only is keno fun to play, it also has one of the highest payouts of any casino game.


One classic casino game that will always be a crowd favourite is roulette. In land based casinos the roulette table usually attracts the biggest crowd. With the introduction of live dealer roulette, the online version has also increased in popularity.

roulette canada casino

The reason roulette has become so popular is because of the wide range of betting opportunities for both novice players and high rollers. Players can place single 1:1 bets or multiple bets with varying payouts.

The game itself is easy to learn and the payouts can be as high as 36:1. With online roulette, players can learn the basics of the game in practice play before swapping over.

Have Online Casinos Caused The End Of Land Based Casinos?

Are Land Based Casinos Being Upstaged by Online Casinos?

The online casino industry took the world by storm and has continued to impress as technology has advanced but what exactly has this meant for land based casinos. Some might think that the online boom signals the end for them but since they offer a different experience this might not be the case.

Yes it is far more convenient to play online as the vast majority of players may not be located near a land based casino and there are many other attractions to this platform but land based casinos offer a lot of their own advantages.

The Advantages of Land Based Casinos

Players who are serious about the games and about winning money have the ability to enjoy both online and land based casinos for what they are worth with their major differences being playing in a social atmosphere or playing alone in one’s own environment.

The advantages of land based casinos do however go far beyond playing casino games. Canada has many land based casinos across the country all of which offer entertainment above and beyond casino games.

New casinos have opened in the recent years which means there really isn’t a decline in land based casinos. What they do offer is a day or night out for the whole family and alternative activities for those wishing to enjoy the social aspect.



Bars and restaurants of all types cater for buffet, fine dining and more. Under 18’s may not have access to the casino floors but they will find arcades and more to keep them occupied at some casinos.

The hotels offer superior accommodation with breathe taking Canadian views and quality service. Canada really has some of the world’s finest casinos that are fun venues offering unrivalled services and wide varieties of casino games.

There are pools and spas for relaxation and beauty treatments which are major attractions to land based casinos.

Some of Canada’s Successful Casinos

Casino Niagara is a fairly new casino that opened in 1996. It is situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario close to the great attraction. It is known to be the first casino in Ontario to offer electronic roulette and has over 1 000 slots, more than 30 table games and fantastic sports betting facilities.

Casino New Brunswick has a four star hotel, buffet, day spa and a swimming pool. It offers a variety of casino games too.

The Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver is famous for its casino floor and the live performance theatre that’s seats more than 1 000. Live music and comedy shows are regular events that are held here.

Caesars Windsor is one the four casinos located in the Windsor – Detroit area. It is owned by the government of Ontario and operated by Caesars Entertainment.

The River Cree Casino and Resort in Enoch Alberta is one famous for its live music events. It has luxurious suites and facilities with a casino floor open from 10am to 3am.

Montreal Casino is situated on the Notre Dame Island in Ville Marie, Montreal, Quebec. This is Canada’s largest land based casino as is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you prefer to enjoy your mobile real money slots online, or do you enjoy being physically present in a casino when you play?

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A Manual for Winning Real Money In Online Casinos in North America

With widespread Internet availability and a host of devices that have seamlessly flooded the market platforms that permit players in the USA and Canada to play online casino games and win real money are on the up rise.

In 2006 the government making it problematic for players inside the USA to enjoy premium online casinos passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

If you are on the quest to play games and win real money in the USA & Canada, this manual will provide you with insightful tips, which will enhance any gaming experience.

Online casinos have gained popularity over the years in a range of countries around the world, including New Zealand, Australia and many more places.

Playing In Real Money Casinos Online

Players from the North American region on the lookout to play and win real money will be in high spirits as all respectable providers available in the region are a safe bet.

Advanced security information systems and data integrity are at the core of any online casino, protecting player information from potential risks associated with phishing and pharming. Players who decide to play are increasing rapidly.

The advent of the Internet, the devices available to connect and the connection ports available globally is making the planet a smaller domain than ever before.

This rapid expansion has allowed providers an enhanced edge over land-based counterparts, due to their convenience and availability.

Finding Reliable Real Money Casinos

Opting to play online casino games and win real money can be an intimidating task.

Players can become overwhelmed with the collection of games available, reliable software and game engine options, trustworthy casinos available and safe depositing methods.

When you play on these platforms, always research the games and the software provider.

There are a number of reliable software providers available for casino games all with their own distinct variants.

Your choice should have all informative licenses and moderating institutions clearly visible on the websites homepage.

Reliable online casinos will have these features in order to adhere to the operating policy of the casino.

Real Or Practice Play

To play online is an exhilarating experience next to none. Players from the USA, and in some cases those opting for online slots Canada options, should be aware that certain online casinos offer a practice play option.

It is wise to consider practice play before making a real money deposit into the casino. This allows players to become comfortable within the software on offer and a better, more informed decision can be made on the casino.

The Casino Payout Rate

Reliable casinos will advertise a certain Payout Rate. If a provider advertises a Payout Rate of 98%, for every $100 dollars deposited and wagered with, the player will essentially receive $98 dollars in return. The $2 remains the casinos share.

Tips And Advice on Wagering For Real Money

If you are looking to jump into the action, consider your wagering strategy before hand and implement methods that allow a certain degree of control over wagering options.

Various games allow for different strategies and game play methods. Video slots are casino games that include numerous paylines and occasionally multiple ways to win.

For this reason video slots are more likely to produce winning combinations more frequently than a table games such as roulette.

Skill and strategy games require more cautious wagering, which players become familiarized with over time.

Play at Online Casinos for Real Money in Canada

You can now play casino online real money games in Canada. These games feature smooth colourful graphics, easy to use interfaces and multi system compatibility that means you can play on both your home computer and mobile device with just a single player account.

The best online casinos in Canada offer players great customer service and will resolve your problems in a timely and professional manner. Continue reading “Play at Online Casinos for Real Money in Canada”