Some Of The Best Casinos In Asia

Asia is home to the biggest and greatest casinos in the world. It stands to reason considering that Asia is in addition the biggest continent in the world.

If you’re searching for a casino resort, Las Vegas isn’t the only place that you can look at. Asia is a popular destination for extravagant casinos.  As economies on the continent improve so will the gambling industry.

Countries such as Macau and the Philippines are competing with Las Vegas and offer stunning resort experiences in superior locations.

The Wynn Palace: Cotai, Macau

This casino has to be up there in the Asian casino stakes offering gamblers luxury at an almost unparalleled level.

This five-star beauty boasts art from famed Jeff Koons sculptures as well as ancient Chinese artefacts. Against this opulence and a massive purpose-built lake the casino shines with a tasty 195 table games and 1,000 slots! The table games include the enduringly popular baccarat, roulette, blackjack and a slew of different poker games .

The Zuri White Sands: Goa, India

The Zuri White Sands is true to its name. It’s a beautiful casino resort which is situated on the edge of white sandy beaches. With over 154 luxurious rooms, a swimming pool as well as a casino full of slots and table games, you’ll won’t run out of things to do. Hungry? Tempt your tastebuds at one of the six dining establishments that range from sheltered eateries to poolside bars.

Together with gambling, there are a number of other forms of entertainment, such as massages, healing therapies and yoga packages. However, as you might not be able to visit The Zuri White Sands in order to check it out anytime soon, you are able to play at an online casino in the meantime. If you are interested, cheap rooms start between $150 and $200 a night.

Kangwon Land: South Korea

This casino is not only the country’s largest casino but it’s surprisingly the only one which allows locals to join in the fun! At Kangwon Land, which is a place of bright neon and modern styling, you’ll have the ability to try your hand at a very respectable 200 gaming tables of which 14 are devoted to roulette, 88 to baccarat- one of Asia’s favourite games, and blackjack is another locally loved game offering a generous 70 tables.

The Marina Bay Sands Resort: Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Resort is an instantly recognisable building because of its equally tall, massive skyscrapers as well as an extended deck that runs the length of the three. This integrated resort sits within the Downtown Core district of Singapore and is billed as the most expensive casino property valued at $8 billion.

With over 2 500 rooms, 160 thousand square feet, and filled with shops, museums, a large theatre, and multiple restaurants – there’s a lot to do in this land-based casino. The Marina Bay Sands Resort also has the world’s largest atrium casino with 1,600 slot machines and 500 tables that feature poker and blackjack.