A Simple Guide To Bingo Strategies

Bingo, much like other casino games is entirely based on chance. This means that every player that’s playing on an online bingo hall has the exact same chance of winning as everyone else.

This chance of winning is what makes the game so popular; as it means that nobody else playing has any magical strategies they can employ to guarantee a win every round.

But this doesn’t mean that there are no ways to improve the chances of winning overall. Bingo strategies are simple to learn and put into practise, and while they will never guarantee a full house on the card, they can improve the odds of completing a line more on a much more regular basis.

Know The Game

This may seem straightforward, but almost all of the mistakes that people make in casino games is due to lack of knowing some basic rules of the game.

Taking the time to learn the different rules, the prizes, and the winning combinations can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Cutting Out The Competition

When playing a round of bingo against other people, the more players present in the game, the lower the chances across the board for everyone. Most online bingo halls will not have a prize pool based on how many players are joining, meaning that finding one that has as few players as possible is a good way of bettering the odds.

This can take some research, such as learning what times are busiest and which times tend to have the least amount of players logged on. Generally, the middle of the week, early in the morning is the best time to have a few games, as this is when there is less competition.

More Playing Cards

In order to participate in any bingo game, purchasing at least one playing card is necessary. Depending on the type of bingo it is, the playing cards can range from tiny 3×3 grids to much larger 9×9 and sometimes bigger.

But what many don’t realise is purchasing more than one card at a time increases the chances of winning organically, because it’s more likely that the player will be able to find the winning combinations of number at least somewhere on their many cards.

Going into a game with just one card and not having that card’s numbers being called out at all means the chances of winning become zero. This method works whether it’s playing online bingo in Sweden or just a game at the local hall.

Make Use of Chat Rooms

Many bingo chat rooms serve two functions. Firstly, they allow the players to openly communicate with each other.

This is a good way of learning about the kinds of players that frequent that specific online hall, but also a good way of passing the time between rounds of play. But what many beginner players may not realise is that some bingo chat rooms will actually offer special prizes that can be won, along with competitions.

These are completely separate from the main games of bingo, and will be announced by the moderator of that chat room.

The 5 Biggest and Best Casinos in Canada

While the popularity of online casinos for Canadian player seems to grow by the day, many still enjoy the land based casino environment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of incredible land based casinos to choose from across Canada and you’ll be counting your piles of chips in no time at all.

As such, if you’re planning your casino tour across this beautiful country, be sure to add these 5 biggest and best casinos in Canada to your list!

British Columbia: River Rock Casino Resort

At 70,000 square feet with 900 slot machines, a poker room with 14 tables, and a VIP high stakes room known as the Dogwood Club, the River Rock Casino Resort is the largest casino in Western Canada.

Set on the shores of the Fraser River, this beautiful venue has a restaurant which offers a 260-seat buffet and a second restaurant, the Racetrack, which offers pub-style food and drinks. With live entertainment and a luxury spa, you can’t go wrong with the River Rock Casino Resort.

Alberta: River Cree Resort and Casino

Located west of Edmonton, the River Cree Resort and Casino is a unique combination of a casino, luxury resort, and hockey centre.

With over 1000 slot machines, 39 game tables, an off-track betting and dining venue, and a high stakes poker room, the River Cree has no shortage of entertainment.

Be sure to look out for matches at either one of the two NHL-sized hockey rinks and keep an eye out on your favourite betting sites for the best odds on offer.

Ontario: Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

Located just 1 mile from Ambassador Bridge which separates Windsor, Ontario from Detroit, Michigan, the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino is the ultimate destination for players from both sides of the border.

Offering a 758 room hotel with a spectacular fitness centre housed in a 10,000 square foot atrium, the casino floor of the Caesars Windsor is awash with slot machines and gaming tables and you’ll have your pick of top restaurants and eateries.

Ontario: Casino Niagara

While Niagara’s most popular attraction is the awe-inspiring waterfall shared by both Canada and the United States, the Casino Niagara is a close second in this popularity contest!

With 95,000 square feet of gaming space, Casino Niagara boasts 1,500 slot machines, 40 gaming tables, and a poker room with 12 tables.

There’s even a separate sports section featuring 26 HDTV screens to watch all the sporting action unfold while you place your wagers on either professional or colleague sports.

Quebec: Casino de Montreal

Situated across from the Old Port of Montreal on the Ile Notre-Dame, Casino de Montreal offers a breathtaking 5 floors of gaming action and is widely considered to be one of the largest casinos in the world.

With over 3,000 slot machines, 100 gaming tables, and a poker room with 18 tables, the Casino de Montreal is so large it even has its own street – Rue Du Casino.

Home to 4 restaurants and several lounges and clubs, Casino de Montreal has everything you could hope for from a premium casino.

How The US Was Changed By Sports Betting Legalisation

Sports betting and gambling has long been associated with each other, but if you lived within the United States of America, for many years it was illegal to wager money on a sports team or event due to laws that were set in place almost 30 years ago.

While sports in the US were televised nationally and allowed anyone to watch, taking money out using a legitimate bookmaker was against the law, and it was law that saw an extreme amount of illegal gambling to take place.

But things changed during 2018, and the Supreme Court finally ruled that the PASPA law, which was set in place to prohibit sports betting, was repealed, stating that it conflicted with the Tenth Amendment of the United States constitution.

Since the decision was made, the US sports betting market has changed in a dramatic number of ways, and for the most part, it’s been seen as a victory for sports punters from around the country, and sports betting NZ enthusiasts globally.

States That Were Most Affected

Before the PASPA law was changed, only citizens within a handful of the country’s states were legally allowed to put money down on sporting event. These were Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana.

This changed immediately as the law was changed, with a number of states jumping on the bandwagon as soon as they possibly could.


Maryland polled 53% of registered voters gave support for legalisation of sports punting within the state, and although there are still some changes to be made, we have begun to see a wider audience within the state.

The issue of sports betting within the state will be addressed during the 2020 elections, where it will most likely become the norm.


Minnesota is one of the few states where the issue of sports wagering has remained undecided. Republican State Representatives announced that a new bill would be put together to reach a consensus on what the general population felt about overall punting.

It showed that around 40.7% of people supported it, although with prevailing popularity throughout the nation, it seems more than likely that this percentage will rise over the next few years until legal sports betting becomes a staple.

New Jersey

New Jersey is well known for its more aggressive approach toward the betting market, and was one of the states that was most active in the PASPA repeal. Since the change, wagering in New Jersey has been totally legalised and can be done at locations throughout the state.

Soon, punters will be able to start betting through online casinos and mobile, which state officials hope will substantially boost the revenue brought in by the open market.


Pennsylvania sits alongside New Jersey as a state that is very much for the legalisation of sports punting, and has taken the same steps toward making it more popular.

The state has set a number of regulations since the change, and more bookmakers are expected to make the state their centre of operations.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer casinos are a great way for players to have the benefit of playing from home and enjoying the thrill, ambience and excitement of a real establishment.

But before playing live dealer casino games, it is good to understand the pros and cons of this form of gaming.


A big advantage of live dealer casinos is that you will be able to track your gameplay while online betting.  Once you have placed your bet you will be able to follow the action as it plays out as you get to watch everything via real time video feed.

Live dealer games at legitimate sites will make use of technology that ensures that these results are fair and random, even though they are not governed by an RNG.

Live dealer casinos try to ensure that they offer you the best possible gaming experience and will often have a news channel streaming in the background to show you that the action is taking place in real time, and not pre-recorded.

They also offer you the opportunity to interact with the dealers and this is just one way that gaming sites offer you a real time entertainment scenario.  You will also hear various sounds from other games that are being played, which further increase the real feel.

Live dealer casinos may vary in their action time, but this will depend on what you are playing.  The action may unfold faster or slower than what you are normally used to.

For example, with Roulette there may be between 80 and 100 spins each hour.  When playing in real time you may be able to speed up or slow down the action depending on what you prefer.

Sites that offer traditional and live dealer games will also give you two types of bonuses, and often the live options offer generous bonuses, but these will vary between sites, so always check that before you get started.

With a land based casino you may often have to wait for a table or deal with various other issues.  When deciding to play online these problems are no longer yours, and you can begin playing as soon as you have signed up.


Even though live dealer games try to give you the best possible gaming experience there are some players who have said that the sounds from other entertainment on offer sound cold and canned, which do not really give them the real experience.

They have also said that the graphics and announcements do not have the unique brick and mortar experience.

Casinos pay more to run video streamed services, which mean there are only a small range of options such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and variations Of Poker.  Land based casinos will allow you to move between various games which are more extensive.

Because it is more costly to maintain a live dealer operation you may notice that a minimum bet may be more than a land-based or normal online casino, but the experience coupled with the convenience is well worthwhile.

Sports Betting Legalized in America


A whole new world of wagering has just opened up to gamblers in America, as sports betting has been deemed legal.

In June, the US Supreme Court struck down a Federal law that barred gambling on football, basketball, tennis, rugby and all other sports. By scrapping this law, the court gave each state the right to decide on their own laws, and to legalize sports betting if they so wished.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA has been brought in to effect in 1992 and it had barred state-authorized sports betting, with a few small exceptions. Nevada was the only state in which a person could wager on the result of a single game, but other than that, all forms of betting were banned across the board.

Now, the Supreme Court has voted on the ruling, and a 6-3 vote has caused it to be abolished once and for all- or at least for now.

A Bright Betting Future

The state of New Jersey is one of the only states in which online casinos and pokies online have been legalized, and they have followed suit by allowing sports betting too.

A research firm who has been following the lift of the PASPA ban and the betting industry is now estimating that in the next 5 years, 32 states will offer sports betting.

That’s more than half the states in the USA, and many consider it a conservative estimate.

Upon the ban being lifted local and international betting ad gambling firms breathed a sigh of relief, as the market now have the potential to expand legally.

Betting can bring in huge amount of revenue and many betting brands are now backing the development of both land based and online establishments. Big names have already stepped up to the plate, and William Hill accepted the first sports bets in NJ recently.

In the future, we can expect that the sports betting industry will blossom and that Americans will enjoy wagering on just about everything, just like their counterparts around the world.

The Court Decides

The overturning of the PASPA law has left every state open to determine which way they want to turn, and with Congress no longer at the helm, it is up to the heads of each state to decide the way forward.

The Supreme Court had found that the PASPA law was not consistent wit the US constitution, and this was their reasoning for scrapping it.

New Jersey was the driving force behind getting the ruling scrapped and the state has fought for years, and at great expense, to legalize both gambling and sport betting.

They’ve got it right with gambling and now, it looks like they have gotten it right with sportsbetting too.

More than a dozen states threw their weight behind New Jersey and all argued that Congress has exceeded its authority when the original ruling had been passed in 1992.

NJ said that although Congress could pass laws that barred people from wagering on sport, but it cannot require individual states to keep prohibitions on place- and the Supreme Court ultimately agreed.

Types of Online Casinos

For the past few decades, the average casino, although different in many ways to its competitors, was similar to them in terms of the games it offered and how it operated.

Most land-based casinos offer a variation of slot machines, table games, and sometimes sports betting, depending on the location in question.

It was a premise that worked well, but visitors began to grow bored. While there were other options out there, like independent poker tournaments or bingo halls, for the most part, those who wanted to spend a day at the casino had some limited options.

This changed with the invention of the Internet, which allowed online operators to bring in any entirely new range of casinos that could be enjoyed by those that were bored of the generic experience they had after visiting a land-based venue.

While it took some years and some failures, we now live in an age where we can just as easily load up one of the more popular casinos if we want, but just as easily swap over to something more niche and entertaining.

These are some of the more common online casino types that can be found on the Internet.

1. The Common Casino

These are still, by far, the most popular, but there are plenty of reasons for that. They provide a solid experience, allow visitors to try out a number of different games, and often have special bonuses that can appeal those that are new to the casino industry.

These are the big names in the gambling world, and the ones that attract the most players from across the globe.

2. Online Video Poker Venues

Poker is the world’s number one favourite card game, and has held that title for the better part of the last one hundred years.

While there have always been poker tournaments and halls for players to visit and enjoy, the industry only truly took off once poker became digitized.

For the first time in history, people from all over the world were able to play poker in real-time against equally matched opponents, often with a live dealer managing the games.

3. Sports Betting Casinos

Sports betting has been handled by bookmakers for as long as there have been sports, but many online operators began to see the potential of offering sports betting deals to people that would otherwise not be able to access a physical bookies.

These are casinos that cover just about every sport and sporting bet available on the market, from tennis, cricket, rugby, and even live AFL betting.

4. Mobile Casinos

With the rise of modern mobile tech, it became possible for the first time to shift from a once desktop-dominated platform to one that allowed players to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their own bed.

It also allowed games to be played on the go and at any time, whether the player was at home, at work, or even at the grocery store.

Understanding New Zealand’s Gambling Legislation

Gambling has played a major part in the life of New Zealanders for centuries and while gambling in the country has undergone periods of strict regulation in the past, today Kiwis are legally permitted to participate in many forms of gambling including pokies, sports betting, lotteries, and online casinos based outside of New Zealand.

Legal Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling was first documented in New Zealand as early as 1830 when citizens would bet on horse racing and resident George Julius made a significant impact on the global betting landscape when he invited the ‘automatic totalisator’ or tote board in 1913.

The country endured long periods of strict gambling legislation on almost every form, but today New Zealand’s gambling expenditure totals over NZ$2 billion annually.

All land-based gambling operations are required to donate a portion of the profits to the betterment of the community and residents are able to legally gamble at online casinos as long as they aren’t based in the country.

New Zealand’s First Gambling Laws

Bookmaking was made illegal in the 1920s and betting on horseraces at the racetrack was only permitted until 1961.

Regulation on all forms of gambling was particularly stringent until the 1980s when lottery games and casinos were finally permitted by Parliament.

Slot machines – or pokies as they are affectionately known in New Zealand – were introduced, followed shortly by casinos, the first of which opened in 1994.

Present Day Gambling Laws in New Zealand

Any person of age is legally allowed to play at online casino – such as River Belle Casino – based outside of New Zealand, but gambling legislation dictates that it is illegal for players to gamble at any online casino based within the country.

As stated by the Gambling Act of 2003, all forms of gambling are prohibited unless authorised by the government and gambling in the country is categorised into 4 classes, each of which requires a special license in order to operate legally.

Casino patrons must be at least 20 years of age, but participation in sports betting, scratch cards, and lotteries is permitted from 18 years of age.

New Zealand Gambling Regulation

Gambling in New Zealand is regulated by the Gambling Commission which forms part of the Department of Internal Affairs.

First established in 2003, the Gambling Commission issues licenses to casinos, specifies the licensing conditions, and approves agreements between casino operators and casino license holders.

New Zealand Player FAQ

  • Can I play at international online casinos? Yes! As long as you are of legal gambling age (18), you are permitted to play at any online casino based offshore.
  • Can I legally deposit and withdraw to online casinos? Yes! It’s perfectly legal to deposit and withdraw real money with international online casinos.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on winnings? No! You’ll be able to keep 100% of your international online casino winnings.
  • Are there NZD online casinos? Yes! There are many reputable online casinos which allow play in NZD and you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw in your own currency.

An Overview of Gambling Legislation in the Philippines

Gambling Laws in the Philippines

Gambling in the Philippines is regulated by two jurisdictions, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the Cagayan Special Economic Zone.  Both regulate land-based gaming and PAGCOR regulates online gaming sites as well.

Even though the online sites are regulated by PAGCOR, sites that operate out of this area they are not allowed to offer online gaming services to Filipino players.  They can offer their services to players outside the Philippines.

Legality of Online Casinos

It is legal to operate an online casino within the Philippines, but it is illegal to offer these services to Filipino players if the site is based in the borders of the Philippines.  Filipino players are allowed to access legal online casino sites located offshore.

A court case in 2012 verifies that players are allowed to place bets online.  Filipino players can enjoy casino games online at various sites as long as they are legal, regulated and outside the Philippines.

It is also legal for players to use mobile casino sites if they are licensed, regulated and offshore.

There are many casinos that will accept Filipino players, but they should note that just because a site says they accept Filipino players does not mean it is a legal site and players should do their due diligence and find out before signing up.

Players should ensure that they check the site carefully to make sure that it complies with industry standards and is properly licensed.  Many sites will be helpful in giving players a list of online casinos that are safe and legal to play at.

A good list will include the legality of the casino, compliance certification, whether their software is of a good standard, good security and their reputation in the casino industry.

When operating an online casino in the borders of the Philippines the laws are strict.  Even though these sites can offer casino gambling to players outside of the Philippines, the law is very clear regarding locally licensed sites offering their services to Filipinos.

Filipinos may however place bets online and so they are legally allowed to play casino games online and place bets.

Minimum Age for Gambling

Gambling in the Philippines is only open to those 21 years or older.  This law is has been put into place to stop underage casino gambling.

Anyone who does not abide by this law will be prosecuted.  Even though Filipinos are able to play casino games offshore, or enjoy NZ sports betting, the minimum age remains 21.

Even if an online casino allows 18 year olds to gamble a Filipino will still only be able to play or bet until they are 21.  The law of the Philippines trumps the policies of the online casino sites.

Other forms of legal online gambling for Filipinos include legal poker sites as well as sports betting sites and the same laws apply to these as offshore sites and sportsbooks.  These are legal as long as they are not operated in the Philippines.

Online Poker vs Table Poker

The world is filled with many options, and this also includes your gambling options. With all the options which form of poker is the right poker for you? Here we will look at online vs table poker – which do you chose, which is the better option? Both versions of poker are played with similar rule  (casino dependent) but differ quite a bit in strategy, winnings and social aspects.

Lets have quick look at the pros and cons of online poker and compare these to what to expect when playing poker at a table:

Online poker

The best part of online poker is the speed, the rounds progress much quicker as it is automated. Shuffling, splitting, dealing is instant as no human error or slowness is involved. A live game would see 30 hands in an hour, with 60 plus played in online games. If you can get more hands played – and win those hands using strategy, you increase your earnings a great deal.

Many people say the biggest con of playing online poker is being unable to see our opponents tells, but this is not the case anymore. Players at live tables go to extreme lengths to hide any possible tells – prom masks and hats to good old sunglasses, they hide every possible twitch and blink. This players with online opponents who focus on the other players can quickly pick up their tells. From betting big on good hands to folding on bad – people often relax their guards when they are not visible to their opponents. Take advantage of this slack and monitor their tells!

Live Poker

With your squinty eyed, dead pan faced opponent opposite you at an actual live game – maybe you are in poker heaven (or maybe poker hell – reading a face is not my strong point). The socializing  aspect of poker is one of the main pros of live games, and the ability to bluff and read tells is an art form!  People in a live match are also weaker and it might be easier to spot a tell, its hard to lie in real life.

Another huge plus in live poker is the higher buy ins – which means high pots to be won!

A live game can not only be thrilling to join but an exceptional live event just to watch – so hitting up an actual casino or tournament just to watch is well worth the effort.

So many Options

A live poker game can be quite thrilling, with the pressure and the excitement, the atmosphere lending to the gravity of the situation, but online poker could make more sense to you – dependent on what kind of a player you are. We are always fans of online, as its not just poker available, you can get anything from sports betting to online pokies – anything is available.

A flush is a flush, whether you are at a virtual table or a real solid poker table – so the rules of the game are set. Which means you can transfer between the two versions of poker easily and enjoy both dependent on your mood.

Additionally many professional poker players used to pick sides, you were either a online player or real world – with the rate of modern tech development people are now easily able to chose both versions and join in as they wish.

30 Ball Bingo Online

Bingo has been enjoyed all around the world for almost 100 years now, but only recently has it found its niche in the online gaming market. It didn’t take long for the game to become extremely popular, especially in countries like Canada, but once it did, it quickly became a favourite for many players from around the globe. With all these new players, it makes sense then that new and entertaining versions of the game would come out, some simply improving on older versions, while others being entirely new versions of their own.

One of the ones that were both an improvement as well as something new is 30 ball Bingo, also known more commonly as Speed Bingo. What makes this type of Bingo so unique is the rate at which it’s played at – which is usually as fast as possible. While other types of Bingo, such as the 90 ball varieties, might take hours to complete, Speed Bingo is meant to be done within a matter of minutes. It’s a version of the game meant for those that don’t want to sit and wait, but rather want a fast-paced experience with great rewards. It has become so popular you can enjoy it all over the show online too, with even the best betting sites in Australia hosting a game or two in their casino sections.

How 30 Ball Bingo Works

One of the aspects about 30 Ball Bingo that makes it different from a lot of the other variations out there is the fact that it uses varieties of patterns. This means that players don’t have to follow set patterns in order to win, and instead just need to find a full house on their playing card. This is one of the reasons that the games is so fast-paced, as all the player needs to do is find the corresponding numbers or symbols as they’re called out.

Ultimate Mobile Bingo

Because of this, a lot of online Bingo games, especially the ones that come in mobile app form, will have an automatic-card complete, which is activated as soon as your card has the right numbers. This means that you can often switch the app on, start a game, and it will play itself, allowing you to continue your day without ever having to stop and spend precious minutes waiting for the numbers to be called out.

The Playing Card

The card that players receive for a game of 30 Ball Bingo will almost always be made up of a total of 30 numbers. These numbers are spread across 3 rows and 3 columns, making it considerably smaller than many other types of Bingo. What this means for new players especially is that 30 Ball Bingo is extremely easy to pick up and play. New players don’t need to spend any time learning how the game works, and can dive right in.

30 Ball Bingo is easy to play, provides endless entertainment, has a relatively fast-pace and can offer players good rewards, and because it’s such an involved game, you never become bored. You always need to keep your eyes and ears open, and be read to shout those famous letters B-I-N-G-O and concentrate on everything that’s going on. On slip and someone else might get to their bingo before you do – but this just adds to the sheer exhilaration of playing 30 Ball Bingo.