Exciting Slot Games On The Horizon

We look into our crystal ball and see what new slot releases are looming on the horizon. We also look at if they are worth some hype or if they will be relegated to the corner of the online casino’s dustiest servers.

You won’t have to worry about time on your hands as these releases will come well after Australian Open tennis betting has finished.

Volcano Riches

Coming from Quickspin, Volcano Riches will be released on the 13th of March. So far we know that the reels will be laid out in a 5×4 grid with 40 paylines.

The bonus features are said to also include exploding wild symbols. Quickspin have said the RTP will be around 96%. The screens that have been released make the game look very exciting.

Drums Beast

Also set for a March release, Drums Beast is from the small developer Casino Technology. This new title seems inspired by the Guitar Hero games.

The protagonists seem to be a rock chick but the catch is she has the devil as her drummer.

While this slot’s below average RTP of 95.75% may turn some fans off, this game looks like it is set to be something quite different from the usual slot fair.

It is always great to see more rock themed slots, so let’s hope Drums Beast also has a soundtrack that lives up to the hype.

Easter Island

Perfectly timed for the holiday season, Easter Island will be released near the end of March. This Yggdrasil slot looks incredibly unique.

The reels spin against a backdrop of the famous island but you are also joined by a wide range of Moai statues that come along on your quest for riches.

The reels are also arranged in an unconventional 5×5 grid featuring 27 paylines. Yggdrasil rarely fails to deliver quality slots and this game looks set to be no exception to this rule.

We know from release info that there will be a respin feature and expanding wilds in the bonus features.

The Grid And Spooky 5000

Fantasma Games are looking to expand their catalogue of slot games with two releases set for April. Spooky 5000 and The Grid will both feature standard 5×3 reel layouts with both having 10 paylines.

So far we only know the slots have a horror and a retro theme to them. Anticipation is high though as Fantasma has been releasing some quality titles recently, although rarely aimed at a western audience.

Asgardian Stones

Set for the end of February, Asgardian Stones is a brand new title from NetEnt. This simple yet engaging slot looks packed with small features that all work together.

It is also set to make use of a bonus wheel and giant symbols that can crush smaller symbols below.

Gem Rocks

Also from Yggdrasil, Gem Rocks features giant stone creatures that inhabit the reels. With a 96.3% RTP and 4096 ways to win, this slot looks set to keep Yggdrasil fans very happy.

This company has been delivering quality slot after quality slot so it will be interesting seeing where they go this year.

Speaking of which with excellent games like these to look forward to, it will definitely be a good year.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games

Betting and gambling have been a wonderful source of enjoyment to people for many years now.

While the rules of the games have evolved over time, and adapted to a degree to the requirements of local laws, for all intents and purposes, the games have remained remarkably similar to the way they were when they were first invented.

Casinos have been around for hundreds of years, and online casinos have opened up this kind of entertainment even further, thanks to the easy access they provide.

The most popular games to date are slots and online blackjack, with both of these now a staple offering at any legitimate casino.

So Many Slots to Choose From

The massive variety of slots games provided at the majority of casinos are what draw most people to them.

While some gamblers don’t dig slots because the games are so reliant on luck, and the table games are usually where the big money wins are to be found, research has shown that more people pick slots games when they go to online casinos and those that are provided in non-virtual settings than anything else.

Top Titles with Great Movie Themes

This means that online casinos and the players that patronise them are focussed on these games more than any other, and there are a number of different game manufacturer’s that provide online casinos with hundreds of titles.

Some of the most popular these days are based on films that people adore, and include Iron Man 2, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, and Lord of the Rings, but those presenting television show themes like Deal or No Deal are well-liked too.

Bringing Home the Bacon with Blackjack

Blackjack has been in play for a very long time now, with early records of the game, known as 21, being seen in France and Spain in the early parts of the 17th century.

When the game first made its way to America as 21, it was promoted by means of different bonus payouts in order to drum up interest with players, one of the most common being the 10:1 payout if the player’s hand was made up of the Jack of either spades or clubs, and the Ace of spades.

This hand was called Blackjack, and even though this bonus offer has since been removed, the name’s popularity stuck, and became the moniker by which it is known.

In today’s blackjack game the word is attributed to any Ace with a card valued at ten-points, no matter what the colour or suit.

Great Variations for Online Players to Enjoy

Make sure you that the game variations you most enjoy are available at the online casino you choose to sign up for an account with.

There are many on offer, and the differences can range between simply how many decks are being used, the cards being shuffled continuously or not, and more.

Playing the game is fun, online, and, ultimately, the most convenient way to do it, thanks to the fact that you need nothing besides your device and a steady internet connection to do so!

You can even play games for free, if you wish to, and make sure you have your winning strategy down pat before you part with any cash.

Busting 5 Popular Online Casino Myths

If you’ve ever told someone that you were interested in trying out an online casino, they probably had plenty to say and it most likely wasn’t positive.

Those unfamiliar with the online casino industry generally have the most to say, and you’ve probably heard things like “all your money is going to get stolen”, “online casinos are rigged”, or “you’re going to get a computer virus”.

However we are here to bust 5 popular online casino myths and set your mind at ease regarding the usage of online casinos.

1. Online Casinos Are Not Secure

We aren’t going to try and sugar coat it and say that bad things don’t happen online – hackers do exist after all – but the online casino industry is well aware of this fact. In fact, distinguished online casinos operate in much the same way as online government banks do, as they implement the same state of the art security and data encryption in order to keep player’s personal and financial information safe.

If you’re still concerned, it’s a good idea to look out for the eCOGRA logo which should be clearly visible on most reputable online casinos.

2. Online Casinos Are Lonely

If you’re under the impression that online casinos are devoid of all human input, you would be completely wrong.

Not only are these sites maintained and operated by a group of highly competent individuals, but players can easily interact with one another should they want to. Live dealer casino games also inject a bit more soul into the games and you are able to interact with both the dealer and other players thanks to live chat.

Of course there is no human interaction with online Slots NZ, but it’s no different with land based slots either!

3. Online Casinos Give Your Computer Viruses

Firstly, while most online casinos will have a wider range of games to enjoy if you do download the online casino software, you don’t have to download the software in order to play and many players opt for the instant play option instead.

Secondly, if you do opt to download the software from the online casino website, you can scan the file with ease using your own virus scanner prior to installing if you’re really concerned.

casino myths - virus detected

4. Online Casinos Are Rigged

This is probably the most popular online casino myth of all and is what keeps many from trying out online casinos. People tend to assume that online casinos are rigging their games to cheat players out of their hard-earned money, but this is simply not possible.

Online casinos are subject to the same regulations as brick and mortar casinos and the eCOGRA logo should be enough to set your mind at ease, as this 3rd party casino regulator ensures that the advertised payout percentages of all online casino games on the site are accurate.

5. Online Casinos Are More Expensive

This is the most ludicrous online casino myth of them all as online casinos are actually cheaper than brick and mortar casinos!

Firstly, there are no travel expenses in order to reach the casino destination, there are no high-priced restaurants if you get hungry, the dealer doesn’t require a tip, and the list goes on.

Secondly, the overheads associated with online casinos are also much lower, which means that the house edge on all games is generally more competitive than land based casinos.

Potential Changes in USA Online Gambling Laws

Federal-level online gambling legislation has been all but abandoned in North America, and has been for some time.

Many different states, however, have been focused on developing their own legislation around online gambling and Poker for some time. Now, these efforts seem about to come to fruition.

Arguments for and Against Online Gambling

Proponents of online gambling point to the huge economic benefits that it could have on the different states, while those who are against the idea say that dealing with underage and problem gambling would be much more difficult if more states were allowed to operate online casinos.

While concerns for minors and gambling addicts may be heartfelt and genuine in some cases, in others the motivation could easily be money-grubbing.

Even President Donald Trump, who has long connections with land-based casinos and whose campaign was backed by men with some of the deepest pockets in brick-and-mortar establishments, has tried to halt online gambling by pushing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, or RAWA. When the Wire Act of 1961 was reversed in 2011, it paved the way for states to pass individual legislation and makes the spread of online gambling in the United States possible, at least in theory.

Exciting New Legislature in Many States

From 2011 to October 2017, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware were the only 3 states to offer online gambling facilities. Early on in 2017, reports that several states were working on new legislation to allow online Poker or full suites of online casino games to be offered from within their borders began to surface.

From real money slots to thrilling live dealer games, individual governments were looking at what they could bring to enthusiastic players.

Pennsylvania passed a landmark bill at the end of October 2017, making online Poker, casino games and Daily Fantasy Sports legal and becoming the fourth state to legalise and regulate online gambling activities, and several other states could soon follow suite.

This list includes New Hampshire, New York, West Virginia, Michigan, California and Massachusetts.

In addition to all the other money online gambling can generate, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have just agreed on a Poker liquidity pool, which will put even more dollar signs into state administrators’ eyes.

The conservative voices that have been against online casinos in the USA from the beginning are also recognising that the issue might be near a tipping point, and have started taking action of their own.

Senators Ask DOJ to “Rethink”

Just weeks after Pennsylvania’s potentially game-changing bill, which could open the floodgates for online gambling across North America, was passed, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking for the 2011 opinion that overturned the Wire Act to be reversed.

The loss of income for smaller land-based casino operators, the potential of casino exposure to minors and the easy access that gambling addicts will have to their “drug of choice” are all valid concerns, and work should be done to find solutions for them.

What should not happen is that politicians and fat cats who want to keep lining their pockets use these real issues to hide their own, selfish agendas.

Wide Variety of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry is at its most saturated in history and as a result players have a wide variety of online casinos to choose from.

This puts the ball in the player’s court, as the onus falls on the casino to entice players to create an account, which is made enticing by offering players a range of bonuses.

Here we discuss the types of online casino bonuses you are most likely to come across.

Must Read: Wagering / Playthrough Requirements

All bonuses come with attached wagering or playthrough requirements and it’s of utmost importance that you read these terms and conditions properly and make sure you understand them.

Accepting the offered bonus tells the online casino that you are accepting the attached terms and conditions, and that you are happy with the amount that will have to be wagered before being able to cash out your winnings.

This amount could be as much as 50, 60, or 70 times the bonus amount, so make sure you understand completely.

Welcome, New Player, or Sign-Up

This is generally the most generous online casinos bonus of all as this is how online casinos attract new players.

When deciding whether to create an account or not, take a look at the full range of bonus offers, as you don’t want to sign up with an online casino which only offers a good welcome bonus.

Rather sign up with an online casino which spreads their bonuses out across the full spectrum of bonus types.

Welcome bonuses generally come in the form of No Deposit Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, and Percentage Bonuses.

  • No Deposit: this is the best kind of bonus on offer as it gives you a chance to try out CAD casino games without having to make a deposit upfront and you are able to win money while playing with a No Deposit Bonus.
  • Matching Deposit: the online casino will match what you deposit with them, up to a certain amount. For example, a 100% bonus up to $200.
  • Percentage: while this is certainly not as lucrative as the other bonuses, the percentage bonus will match a certain percentage of your deposit, up to a certain amount. For example, a 75% bonus up to $200.


Reload bonuses apply specifically to existing online casino account holders and are designed to keep the player returning to the site to make further deposits.

This type of bonus is similar to welcome bonuses and generally take the form of Matching Deposit or Percentage Bonuses.


Most online casinos have customer reward or loyalty programs and VIP programs which reward players every time they place a bet.

You will generally be automatically signed up to the program when creating an account and you’ll earn points every time you play. Depending on the casino, these points can be exchanged for special offers and bonuses.

Free Trial No Deposit

This type of bonus is strictly for in casino use and cannot be cashed out, and neither can any winnings generated while playing with this bonus.

Players receive a free bonus to enjoy a free trial of the casino games and software without making a deposit upfront.

Important Information

If at any point you are unsure of any aspect of your online casino bonus or account in general, please take full advantage of the customer service agents who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Gambling Laws and Regulations in Canada

Real money casino games are incredibly popular in Canada and like many other parts of the world the gambling laws of the country can be relatively complicated.

There are several forms of government approved land-based gambling as well as a few forms of online gambling, but the laws relating to companies based overseas aren’t all that clear.

Here we provide a basic overview of Canadian gambling laws, information on the laws relating to online gambling, and how these laws and regulations may affect how you play your favourite games.

We also offer some information on the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a regulatory body based within the Canadian borders.

An Overview of Canadian Gambling Laws

The gambling laws in Canada were historically very strict and only a few, very limited forms of gambling were allowed. However drastic changes were made to gambling legislation in the 1970s which relaxed things significantly.

Individual provinces within Canada were given the authority to license and regulated gambling in their own regions which ultimately resulted in a number of land-based casinos being opened across the country.

Several provincial governments also started operating their own lotteries which are still in operation today.

There are currently several government approved sports betting outlets, which are for the most part run by an organization called Sports Select, and while this offers a perfectly legal way to bet, they offer fairly limited ways to bet.

Online Gambling Laws

While the land-based gambling laws and regulations are fairly straight-forward, things get a little bit more complicated when it comes to online gambling and online casino Keno in Canada.

Some provinces operate their own online casinos and many government approved betting outlets allow you to place wagers online, and it’s completely legal for Canadians to use these.

However, it is illegal to offer online gambling services of any kind to Canadian citizens unless approved and licensed by the government – the laws on this are very clear.

Things become a bit fuzzier when it comes to online casinos which are based and operated overseas and welcome Canadians to their sites. One can argue that if the online casino is based in a country were online gambling is legal, then Canadian laws don’t apply.

How Gambling Laws in Canada Affect You

As a Canadian player you most likely aren’t too concerned if the online casino you want to use is approved by the government or not, but you are likely to worry about whether using an overseas gambling site is considered legal.

Unfortunately, due to the current legislation it’s difficult to say with certainty whether it is or not.

Technically there is no Canadian law that specifically makes online gambling legal, but there also isn’t one that specifically makes it illegal.

The biggest drawback is that by using sites that are outside of the government and state approved operations, there is no regulation in Canada for online gambling sites.

However, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as the top rated sites are all licensed and regulated by reputable online gambling jurisdictions.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based on the Indian reserve of Kahnawake located within the Canadian borders.

They license gambling sites which operate within Kahnawake and meet certain criteria, and while there have been questions raised regarding the legalities of this organisation operating from within Canada, Kahnawake is a sovereign nation and are not governed by Canadian laws.

China’s Biggest Casinos

The 5 Biggest Casinos In China

The special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong have been the only areas in China where you will find real money casinos. Gambling is very strictly regulated in China but it hasn’t stopped developers from creating some of the most impressive casinos in the world there. Let’s look at the 5 biggest and best casinos in China

1.The Sands

Even though the Sand was the very first Las Vegas styled casino in China, it has not lost any of its drawing power.

It definitely has a very different vibe when compared to other casinos as it is much more laid back with many live bands performing and fee drinks promotions.

One of the only draw backs to The Sand is the amount of visitors to the venue since it is located right next to the Hong Kong and Macau ferry pier.

  1. MGM Grand Macau

With 1545 slots and tables, an abundance of real money blackjack games, 267 000 feet of casino gaming action and 8 bars and restaurants, the MGM Grand in Macau is certainly an impressive sight to behold. It makes sense, as this is the MGM’s flagship venue in Asia.

Notable at the venue is the massive 26 foot cylindrical aquarium in the lobby that hosts an exotic collection of over 100 fish. The spaciousness continues out onto two floors of gaming for a very unique and open casino environment.

  1. Casino Ponte 16

While Casino Ponte 16 has less than half the slots and games of the MGM grand, it actually covers more floor space thanks to its additional amenities and attractions.

At one point the Ponte hosted a unique collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia that has since moved to other locations across the world, making the Ponte loss some of its magic.

  1. City Of Dreams

The City of Dreams does not take its name lightly. With a floor space covering 448 000 square feet and almost 2000 slots and table games, this legendary venue more than deserves its reputation.

It not only features 32 bars and restaurants, it also plays host to the biggest nightclub in Macau, Vquarium.

  1. The Venetian

Located right next to the City of Dreams is the Venetian. An unimaginably large 546 000 square feet of gaming space with over 4000 slots and tables. The Venetian is not just China’s biggest casino, but also the world’s biggest casino, making China a bastion for exciting gaming action.

What has made the Venetian incredibly succeeds full amongst a broad audience is the fact that they cater to families not just gamblers. They have an incredible array of family friendly amenities. Not only will families be entertained but there are over 3000 rooms on the site where you will find premium rooms and suites.

Macau and Hong Kong are perfect examples of how a country can have both strict gaming laws while still offering some of the best casino action in the world. Their amazing architecture and original casino groups really makes China an amazing destination where you can find a range of experiences.

What Makes A Great Online Casino?

Australians love their online casinos. In fact, many regard Australia as the slot game capital of the world, given how many Australians log on to online casinos daily, just to spin the reels.

And who can the slot game obsessed Australians? Slot games are great fun, excellent entertainment, and a great way to get a few more coins in the pocket.

But, since Australia loves online casinos as much as they love greyhound racing betting, this has resulted in an enormous spike in the number of Australian online casinos available. More are opening on an almost daily basis, adding up to dozens, if not hundreds of online casinos to choose from.

This is great for a number of reasons, not in the least because of the incredible deals offered to the Australian public by competing websites. There is, however, a downside. How does one go about deciding on the best online casino?

Games Offered

The first thing to keep in mind is that different online casinos offer different selections of games. Its all good and well to jump onto the first website that grabs your attention, but will that casino have a game selection that holds your interest in the long run?

A good online casino will not only have an enormous selection of slot games, but also a great range of table games. After all, sometimes a person wants to get serious and test their skills at a good table game, and if none are available at a chosen website, it means having to create a new account at a different website.

So, before committing to a website and signing up, be sure to browse the games available, and take note of how broad the selection is, and how varied the offerings are. Keep in mind things such as varieties in classic table games offered, and if the website offers multiplayer poker games. But most of all, of course, be sure to check if the website has the games you personally want to play.

Bonuses And Promotions

Most Australian players are drawn to casinos based on a single, amazing promotional deal. The lure of great deals is simply impossible to resist, and there is no question that snapping up a good deal while it’s available is a good idea. But will that online casino continue to offer great deal down the road? Will better deals be offered in a week? How about in a month, or even two months?

Great online casinos will have a new promotional offer running every single week, ensuring that customers have something to look forward to every time they decide to play. Before committing to an online casino, try get an idea of just how regularly they have special promotional offers. Ask the customer support centre, if the information is not readily available.

VIP Membership - Great Online Casino Australia

VIP Programmes

The last, but not least, important thing to check is the casino’s VIP programme. Great VIP programmes have enticing, rewarding VIP programmes that never stop making customers feel valued. A new bonus should never be far away, and always seem just within reach.

Browse the VIP programmes, or loyalty programmes, before committing to an account, and measure against other online casino reward programmes.

The Casino Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of those countries that many have heard about but don’t know much about. The truth of the matter is that Malaysia is one of the most fascinatingly diverse countries in the world, and also has an extremely rich history.

Human activity has been recorded in the country as far back as 40000 years ago after traders from neighbouring countries decided to settle somewhere new.

Over thousands of years, the country grew and prospered, and while it was attacked by other civilisations throughout history, such as Portugal, the Dutch, and the British, it has remained true to itself.

Malaysia also has a thriving gambling industry, and although there is only one official casino in the country, it is also one of the most magnificent.

The online industry has also been growing in popularity over the years, and many of the residents have turned to the online world for their games.

This has led to exponential growth in the industry in recent years, making it one of the better countries for those that have an interest in casinos.


The Most Popular Games in Malaysia

Many of the games in the country are exactly what you would find in any United States or British casino, as the locals have taken a great liking to a lot of the games that the western world offers. These are some of the games that have become the most popular in recent years:

  • Baccarat: Baccarat is enjoyed around most of Asia, especially in Malaysia. Baccarat has been part of various Asian cultures for centuries, so it makes sense that it would be among the most popular games that they enjoy.
  • Poker: Card games tend to be much more beloved in the East than in the West, and poker is one such game that has seen a lot of love lately. Most online casinos that cater to Malaysian players offer poker in the roster of games.
  • Slots: Slots are popular around the world. No matter which type of casino you decide to visit, without a doubt you will be able to find slots. All manner of slots are available in Malaysia, including 3D slots, real money slots, and many more.
  • Roulette: Roulette is a universal pastime, and while relatively newer to the East, has gained a huge following among players in recent years.
  • Sic Bo: Sic Bo can find its origins in ancient China, and has spread throughout the rest of the world fairly quickly since the dawn of modern casinos. Sic Bo is extremely popular in countries like Malaysia, and has always been a part of the culture for many communities.

Malaysian Gambling Laws

One of the main reasons that gambling has gained such a strong foothold in the East is because, for many countries, gambling is completely legal. This is the case in Malaysia, and the government does not enforce any gambling restrictions on its citizens. This applies both to physical casinos and their online counterparts.

There are few other countries in the world that offer the same casino experience that Malaysia has available to both its citizens and tourists, making it the perfect destination for the casino game enthusiast.

The History Of Sport And Casino Gambling In New Zealand

A History of New Zealand Gambling

Almost all modern, western countries in the world have some sort of gambling systems in place. For the most parts, gambling is split into either sports betting or casinos, and this is how it has been for the past 100 years.

While many countries are now starting to turn away from gambling, one country in particular has made it a part of its modern culture: New Zealand. New Zealand is a country that has beauty without equal, a thriving economy, and is praised for its multiculturalism.

Of the many cities that dot the country, each one has one or more unique casinos in place, and each casino has a history of its own.

On top of this, New Zealand has a strong sports betting scene, especially with sports like horse racing and rugby, and with no immediate changes on the horizon, gambling looks to be part of the country for years to come.

Pokies in New Zealand have become as synonymous with the country as online blackjack in Canada, and are played by thousands of New Zealanders every day. It does beg the question, though: what is the history of gambling in New Zealand?

Horse Racing

Like many of the countries that started through British colonisation in the 1800s, New Zealand adopted many of the pastimes that the British enjoyed back home.

One of these was horse racing, which has been a part of British culture for centuries. Australia and New Zealand are well known for their horse racing events and betting, and it has given rise to a huge sports punting scene that is stronger than ever.

Horse racing was also the very first type of gambling that began in the country, and it’s been recorded that a favourite pastime for the rich was betting on the various horse races that took place in 1830, which was not long after the first settlers arrived in the country.

This means that horse race betting has been a part of the country since it was first established, which is also why it has become so deeply tied to the heritage of New Zealand.

Sports betting would remain the most prominent type of gambling for almost 200 years, until the first casinos started up.

Pokies and Lotteries in New Zealand

During the 1980s, the national government of New Zealand introduced the first countrywide lottery, run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. This proved to be an outstanding success throughout the country, and a few years later, pokies would first start popping up around both New Zealand and Australia.

Pokies were first part of special gambling clubs that could be found mainly in cities, but pokies were not technically legal throughout the country. It would be a few more years before they became legal nationwide, which is also when casinos started taking off.

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, land-based casinos grew in popularity and are still visited by millions every year.

Online casinos have also been on an upward trend in recent years, and as New Zealand has no online gambling restrictions, they will continue to remain popular for the foreseeable future.