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Your Guide to Placing the Best Bets in the AFL

The AFL, or Australian Football League, is the foremost collection of teams in Australia that play by Australian Rules football. The AFL is not overly popular beyond Australia and New Zealand for obvious reasons, but does have a die hard fan base within the region. A few other countries around the world show interest in the AFL, but only on a spectating or bet making level. The AFL is notoriously exciting to bet on, and so draws interest from bet makers from around the globe. The passion shown by Australian players in the AFL is notorious, leading to exciting matches that often take unexpected twists and turns.

The AFL is so popularly bet on that online websites and groups have sprung up that exist entirely for the purpose of discussing the AFL best bets. These groups are generally very well informed about the AFL scene, and share in-depth and detailed knowledge of the sport and its teams. The groups will debate the AFL best bets for each season, helping one another make the wisest choices when committing their money. Any New Zealander, Australian, or AFL fan any where in the world, interested in learning what the AFL best bets might be should look into joining these discussion groups before paying a visit to their online bookmakers.

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The Rules of the AFL

Although the AFL is well known in Australia and New Zealand, foreigners often find the rules of the game to be confusing. Australian Rules football is a mix of rugby and soccer rules, blended together in a game that is extremely fast paced and has a reputation for often being aggressively physical. At its core Australian Rules football is much like rugby, but does not allow the ball to be thrown, but does allow the ball to be kicked or held. Full contact is allowed, which means that tackling with the whole body is permitted. Rules are in place to avoid injuries, but the game is still rife with aggressive contact that results in often bloody injury for action at AFL betting NZ sites.

Criticism has been levelled at the game due to the number of serious injuries that occur regularly. Some calls have been made insisting that more steps be taken to protect the players, and that the rules around tackling should be tightened. These calls have gone largely ignored, however, with Australian and New Zealand fans insisting that the aggressive nature of the game is a core aspect of the game play.

Betting On AFL Online

Many online bookmakers, particularly in New Zealand and Australia, offer full betting options for AFL games. The standard betting options involve fixed odds on teams, with the bettor simply predicting who they believe will win a match. Remember that different bookmakers may offer different deals, and that finding the AFL best bets may require a little looking around.

In the case of a match being assigned handicap odds, which will potentially remove points from a team’s final score, add points to a team’s final score, or both, be sure to carefully consider the odds before placing a bet. Handicap rules can drastically change the official outcome of a game where bookmakers are concerned.

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